I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Tower and the Tree

This post contains spoilers for Obduction.  If you do not wish to be spoiled, move along, please.
Also, if you are looking for unbelievably quality images, don’t.  Because you won’t find them here.  My modest laptop dates to spring 2013, so I am running Obduction only on medium quality graphics.

These, I believe deserve their own post.  Partly because they would have made the last post terribly long(er), but also because these are especially stunning areas in Hunrath.

The Tower
After accessing most of the membrane entrances, I still needed to access the wall, which would bring me to the tower, as well as over the damn bridge.  Yes, I will call it that forever.  Taking the left blue arrow into the right blue arrow, I was able to access the top of the damn bridge which led to the tower.  It also allowed me access to the right yellow arrow passage.  Thank God for my arrow map.  I actually missed some of these the first time around.  I had gone through Hunrath once before, but then I remembered that I keep a blog, so I went through it all over again to take screenshots hahaha!

I crossed the damn bridge and came to the tower.  It required an elevator, but the button didn’t work.  There was a key pad to the left.  The way to enter numbers is with the old school telephone dial—hmm now where did I see that before?  I pulled out my diagram of the phone dial.  After playing with it for a bit, I saw it needed six numbers.  Did I have anything with six numbers?  Nope.  But I did have many somethings with six numbers and letters: the license plates!  I matched the letters to the numbers on the dial and then set to punching in each set of numbers.  In my first time through Hunrath, I typed in the Colorado license plate number.  But on my second time, it didn’t work.  Great, so it changes every time you play!  (Like Gehn's password in Riven!)  My second time around ended up being Ohio.

Tower power!
After I entered the correct code, I pressed for the elevator and rode to the top of the tower, getting a great look at the entire world.  There were a great many enigmatic things up here.  A tiny television showed the garage area—security surveillance I guess.  There was a larger television, a modern flat screen television, and a loudspeaker.  Just outside there was a pump with a red wire swooping down over the train yard.  It did nothing.  There was also a button on the door, but that also did nothing.  Inside, there was a series of gauges, one for each world / creature.  But these seemed not to be sensing anything, or they were broken, or I simply didn’t know what I was looking at.  Or a mixture of the three plus other mixtures I haven’t thought of yet.  Over the side where the televisions hung I had a lovely view of the top of the tree.

Seeing that I could do nothing else, I took the elevator down two floors whereupon I found myself in that silly mayor’s house.  I’m just going to get this out of the way now…the clue to the key code to get into the tower is inside the mayor’s office…which you can’t get to unless you have the key code.  Unless there’s another way I completely missed?

There are two doors in the mayor’s office.  One, which I unlocked, leads outside behind the giant sphere.  The other requires a 3-digit key code to open, but I have still not been able to guess where to find those three numbers that are probably right in front of me (they did end up being right in front of me.  Literally in front of me.  I took a screenshot for the last post).  Ugh!  I don’t even know if it’s an important door.  I can’t quite remember where it leads outside, but I know I don’t really need this door to get there.  Unless I do…I probably do.  These are the things make can make someone go insane while playing these games.

Hey baby.  Can I have your number?
In this room, I found a document pertaining to the Bleeder machine which I can’t get to yet.  So that will have to be set aside for a bit.  I took the elevator down one more floor to the mayor’s bedroom.  I was actually happy to find a toilet there.  I’ve never seen a single toilet in any of the Myst games, which for some reason always bothered me.  I get excited about ancient Egyptian toilets, too.  I just want to know where people do their profound thinking, I suppose.  I played his music while I poked around his stuff, and then found his copy of the Villein homework assignment.  He’d written the numbers 1, 18, 5, 158.  We’ll have to see what these do.  I tried 158 in the keypad upstairs, but alas, nothing.  I later learned that the clue to open this door on the outside was that "number 15" in Farley's house.  I guess I was ahead of the game here.

The Tree
Okay.  Hold on to your hats here.

Just outside the mayor’s bedroom there was a little room with a gear and a crank that lay directly below the grate floor in front of the entrance to the tree.  When the gear was activated, it lowered the door in front of the tree so that the tree was now accessible.  Yay!  I went back up the elevator to explore the tree.

I circled around the beautiful red-leaved tree.  There was a hole at the base down which a hose passed from the water tower.  Whatever water had been left in that tower was surely at the end of this hose in the tree.   I followed the path down and down, quite a long way.  Finally, I came out upon a room with three off-shooting doorways and a mess of roots in the middle.  The roots hovered over a golden pool.  Various cables / hoses meandered through the other doorways.  On the other side of the hovering roots was a lever device that likely provided power to the cables / hoses.

And now, time for the part that made me say “Whaaaaaaaaat?”  Really, I said this out loud.  he part where this ceases to be a puzzle game and enters the realm of mind trip, which is a place I very much like to be.  (All my thoughts on Akhenaten tend to go in this direction.)  I stepped through one of the doors and found this:

Holy flying fishsticks, Batman!  I can't even...
Breathtaking, no?!  I just stopped and stared for, I don’t know, two minutes?  I mean, look at this!  And it’s even cooler looking from all the way there back.

I returned to the roots and turned the lever.  The roots were dipped in the golden water and soon golden light was being pumped through the roots, and along all the roots slithering up the passageway to the exterior of the tree.  It looked like Rapunzel’s hair from Tangled haha!  "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine..."

And the golden water filled the channels in the paths out to the portals(?).  I went out to look at them, and saw that now their doorways were filled with a colored force field: red, blue, and green.

I spent another few minutes running back and forth between passageways, soaking it all in.  I took other screenshots, but one can add only so many in a post!  I’m supposed to be getting The Art of Cyan book (electronic and hard copy), and I hope this is in it.  Damn.  I hope they release that soon.  I’ve already got my concept art image set as my desktop.  Just stunning, all of it.  It's just too good!

Finally, I dragged myself out of the tree.  Once I climbed out, I saw that the leaves had changed from red to yellowish green!  Aw, I kind of preferred red, though. 

I decided I must visit C.W. again, to see if he had anything to say about the tree.  He said I must connect them all.  So, there must be a tree in each of the other two worlds and they all connect through those cable / hose things that lead from the roots to the portals.  He also asked me to plug in the battery…I did, though.  Unless there’s something with that orange cable…

I couldn’t think of what else to do, despite all my many questions left with respect to Hunrath.  I decided to visit the other worlds.  The ambassador seed swap devices are located in two different areas in Hunrath.  Maray is accessed most easily through the right blue arrow; Kaptar through the right yellow arrow (leads to the edge of the scrapyard).

To Maray
To Kaptar
I randomly chose Kaptar.  I opened the contraption, pressed the button, and allowed the seed spores to envelop me.

The journey in Kaptar continues in the next post…

Lingering questions in Hunrath
In no particular order:

  • How to get to the dam control to access the membrane?
  • Is there another way to get to the Bleeder?
  • What does that sphere do?
  • How do I get into that locked door at the bridge?
  • How do I get to that cleared passageway below the plateau?
  • Is the battery plugged in properly?
  • Can I move the orange mining cars?
  • What are the square holes in the ground?
  • Why is C.W. in the vault and what is he doing in there?
  • Where are the people?
  • What happened with the Mofang?
  • What's the deal with the upper level of the tower?


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