I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Self-Loathing in Kaptar

I found my way to Maray from Hunrath, expecting to find so many things, some of which would hopefully help me in Kaptar.  However.  My choices of going anywhere were limited to almost nowhere.  I was able to see several interesting places and paths, but I couldn't get to them.  There was an interesting ruined structure on one side, a fascinating building up high to the right of the swap pod, and then, the mysterious door that bothered me for some time because I couldn't open it.

Behind the door I was able to glimpse a green painting that appeared to be a map.  But how to get there?  Surely there must be something to get me somewhere.  Was I missing a path?  I clicked everything...vines, rocks, mushrooms, but I had truly exhausted all possibilities.

So I finally did it.  I finally caved and checked the hints and saw, wonder of wonders, that yes there was nowhere to go here.  At least I had that right.  So there must be a way to Maray from Kaptar, from one of those four swap pods indicated on the Kaptar map.  But how do I get there?  I needed to do three things off the bat.  Disengage the Mofang laser, turn on that damn power, and penetrate the membrane.  But how do I get to any of them?  What do I use to disable the laser device?  What sort of power is there?  Where is the Villein tech in Kaptar?

I caved again and checked hint guide (which I would do one more time.  I'm sorry!  I feel so awful about it, you have no idea!).  From my as brief as possible glance at the guide I learned that I could transport the freaking BMW to Kaptar from behind the wall of that house in Hunrath.  Son of a bitch!  I never thought that was even a possibility--no wonder that track tunnel was open now!  So dumb--do you see what I mean?  We have people finishing the game in 16 hours and I can't even figure out something as freaking simple as this.  This is the part where the game is depressing--when it shows how stupid you are--and I had just explained all the variables regarding this puzzle in my last post.  Ugh!  This is also how I felt every day I studied hieroglyphs before my exam.  Damn, I spent two years trying to understand what a nisbe is.  I'm not really prepared to spend two years on Obduction.  On the bright side, I can be certain I didn't miss anything in the part of Maray I'd already visited, seeing how there's nothing to miss.  By the way, I'm trying my best not to swear too vigorously in my posts, but you can bet curse words are flying out of my mouth in various languages.

I nipped over to Hunrath, jumped into my beamer, and drove to the newly opened track, cursing like a sailor as I drove.  Seriously, I'm sure my neighbors would be concerned if they weren't already screaming obscenities at each other right now.  Okay, so at the room it all made sense.  No wonder there was a window!  No wonder there was a button to swap in the back!  I pressed it and returned to Kaptar.

Ah, I see!  Oh my God!  Okay.  Deep breaths.  So here it is.  In Kaptar, when I swapped, the pod swapped the entire pod room (including the wooden walls together with the map, doy!) to that house in Hunrath, replacing the sphere that had been there before.  Because REMEMBER, the seed pods transport other stuff besides you--such as the picnic table and lantern when I was transported to Hunrath.  I got it!  $100 says I can't figure this out next time.  Very clever, Cyan.  Bravo to you!

All right!  I destroyed that laser machine and disintegrated the force field.  Then I returned my car to Hunrath and transported back to Kaptar to see what fun I could have now.  I went back up to that control panel to see if anything changed there, now that the Mofang technology was disabled.  The music here is so creepy and made me feel like someone would pop up behind me.  I returned to the starting point of Kaptar to head to the membrane, which would now be open.

I burst through the membrane which brought me to the vehicle I'd seen from a distance, the one I'd questioned whether or not I had already passed.  The good news is I could reach the vehicle.  The bad new is I still had to figure out how to turn on the power.  Intolerable, really.

I went back again to the power center, wandering all over, up and down all those stairs.  That control panel was upsetting me, so once again I looked at the wheel contraptions at the bottom of the stairs.  I checked the hint guide for the last time, discovering that once again I'd missed the obvious.  I was supposed to drop that pinion gear, then turn the crank, and then pull the clutch.  But I was confused as to where this crank was.  I had been able to lower the gear with that lever on the top, and that's when I found out what my problem was.  I did not notice that the wheel below that lever was a separate device and that I had to turn that.  I'd been thinking all this time it was connected to the lever that lowered the pinion!  If only I had noticed that.  If only I had noticed that.  If only I had noticed that.  I would have been spared so much grief.  I followed all three steps and got things chugging.  If only I had noticed that.

It's reasons like these that I'm glad I don't make videos of my gameplay.  Can you imagine?  Any viewer would go bald from pulling their hair out.  I walked up the stairs and noticed that device which I had thought was pressure-related was now elevated.  I went to check it out and only just then noticed the tiny lever situated on the top right of the circle window.

Moving the lever right or left sent the window zooming around to focus on a portion of the monstrous power machine.  It had four positions, each focusing on the same portion of the machine.  Flipping the lever down caused a grabby arm to shoot shoot out and link with the other arm that pumped back and forth.  I was vaguely reminded of the movie Alien. When all four arms were engaged, the chains connected to the gears functioned.  Power is on!  I thought this would have now powered that swing bridge around the corner which would lead me to another membrane wall.  I walked to the end of it, pulled the lever, and found that it was actually an elevator!  And wouldn't you know, it lowered me to the area where I had first transported, conveniently depositing me at the bridge where I could enter the membrane.

I came to that vehicle again, which was now functioning, and rode it across the chasm.  It landed at the fish temple.  I'd thought it would grant me access to that set of stairs, but it didn't.  And the stairs I had had access to were now raised and I couldn't get down to where the grappling hook was.  Only, the grappling hook was no longer there.  Aha!  They way to the other side was open, and there was indeed another way there.  Outside the temple there were, if you remember, a set of makeshift stairs supported by red beams which led to the floor of the gear machine.

On the other side of those stairs was the interior of the monumental temple, a beautiful sight.  Stairs were in every direction, and one part of the floor was demolished so that I could see far below a table with some papers and another swap pod.  I could potentially enter the tree through there, but how to get there?

How do I get to you?
I took the stairs to the left, drawn to them because of their crystal intrusions.  After a very log ascent I came out to a chilling sight.  I encountered an enormous skeleton of one of the marine animals that feature so prominently in the architecture of this world.  The skeleton had a grappling hook in its mouth--so that's what they were for!  Yikes, how barbaric!  There was something fishy (no pun intended) about the creatures that lived here.

Quite alarming!
I passed under the skeleton, feeling very uncomfortable.  Suddenly this place wasn't looking so good.  at the end of the path was an entry through the membrane, the real #2.  But there was still more to see down in the temple, so I returned there.  Was it the machine-builders who killed these creatures?  Was it for sport?  I followed the stairs opposite the crystal stairs,  On the far right, down below, I could see the hole in the tree.

On the far left I could look out and see a vast group of paths--more bigness!  To the far left of this prospect I thought I saw a small doorway behind a balcony--could I get there?

I returned to the fish temple and found another, triangulr doorway in the middle of the wayNaturally, it led to a locked door.  What on earth could be back there?  More bigness?  It was time to return to the membrane entrance by the fish skeletons.

I went back the other way, under the disturbing skeleton, to the membrane and passed through.  there was still that room below with the chairs to reach.  The fog made it very hard to determine where I'd arrived, but it appeared it was opposite the temple.  It turned out to be the very balcony I had seen from the temple.

I went up the stairs, at the top of which I located the third swap pod.  I was hesitant about using it, but I'm not sure why.  But perhaps it would take me to a more useful place in Maray.  There were more stairs, which I followed down where I found the fourth swap pod.  Choices, choices.  This one had a yellow swirling light, which I'd come to associate with Hunrath.  More Hunrath?  Would this take me to any of the places on my to do list?  Maybe it would take me to the Bleeder!  I decided to use this pod.

It indeed brought me to Hunrath un a tunnel.  I hoped it was that tunnel with the rocks I'd obliterated.  I followed along to a closed door which I was able to open...and came to the rear entrance to Farley's house!  What?  That's when I realized the door I'd opened from the back of Farley's house blocked the entrance to the path to this seed pod!  Damn, I had acces all along to that side of Hunrath.  If only I had closed the door.  When will I learn to close every door?  Classic Cyan.

Remember always to close doors!  Repeat this maxim every night before bed.
I went in the opposite directiom to see what was back there and came to Farley's bedroom, along with a huge collection of stuff.  There were a lot of Backer Reward Items here.  I thought I'd share a few which particularly entertained me (some are Cyan stuff):

Entering upon Caroline Farley's bedroom.  Paintings of the Kaptar temple

A functioning Celtic harp, much appreciated

Action figures!

This looks like a quab from Ahnonay

From Eleri's Unwritten project

Can't remember whose invention this is, but I'm happy to see it here

The inside of the above

This one made lol the most.  The Ark of the Covenant.  Excellent, I love it hahaha!
Among all of these wonderful objects, on the table, was a paper with some useful, yet as of now confusing information about materials and color associations.  It will come clear eventually.  Well, probably not to me!  Haha!  However, it does seem the Arai babies can be used as fuel.  That's kind of sad, actually.

In the bedroom proper I found Caroline's journal.  Unfortunately, it still has that black bar, and for this especially I wish the bug will be fixed.  It's a fascinating read.  I learned that the world we see in the membrane wall is actually the world of the Mofang.  She writes that there's movement within nd that once she saw a Mofang running toward the wall, running from something.  I caught the second typo in the game.  It's on the left page here.  I'll have to relocate the other one.  Hehe!

Whoops, typo!  Three points if you can find it!
I think I'll have to sit and think a lot before continuing to Maray.  What were we "saved" from?  I don't understand this.  I should give all the notes and journals another read, to try to put things together in a more coherent way, rather than scattered here in and there in my brain.  Caroline mentions something about "Hunrath hooch."  What is this, and where can I find some?

But seriously...finishing this game in 16 hours?  Wow!

I think I'll finish the day with my Canadian friend Crown Royal.  I endured quite a lot during this play.  Not sure where I'm going next just yet.


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