I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Friday, November 14, 2014

Iota's Progress -- End of Teledahn and Beginning of Kadish

I haven't been very good about updating iota's progress...too many things on my plate!  But I assure you she's doing excellently!  First, some brief news.

For anyone who follows Crimault on YouTube or is interested in watching someone play through the games for the first time, he is back!  He's returned to Myst III: Exile, and in fact is starting over with s new vested interest.  Last time Amateria helped to deflate his interest.  He had just finished playing Myst and Riven which are superior games, so delving right into non-Cyan made games was a bit of a disappointing shock.  But he's back, hooray!  I mentioned to him it might be interesting for fans to compile reaction videos...I'm thinking I might record just in case there is anything worthwhile sharing.  Yes, I am a dork, but I am obsessed with Myst so that ship sailed a long time ago.

I noticed today when I went into Uru to copy down my KI# that the Cavcon meter is down to 1.4.  If you can donate anything, please consider doing so.  I'm hoping to donate as soon as I can, which may be a few months.

While we're on the subject of KIs, I retrieved my new number and it is 00212408 if you want to add me.  Not that anyone would be lining up to do so, but whatever.  It's there, have at it.  I've updated the banner on this blog to reflect (in D'ni numerals) my number.  I also updated the transliteration of my name (Baladria, not my real name), but if anyone believes I've done it wrong, please feel free to correct me.  If you need a voice rendering of the name I can supply this.  You can contact me via here, Twitter, Google+, whatever, to set up some method of hearing it.  I've spelled it: balYDrEa.  So let me know.

Recently, Cyan released a bunch of fabulous Riven and Myst posters, and as soon as I frame them and hang them up I'll share a photo with you.  Obduction things will be arriving soon also...totes excited!

And now, on to iota and her wonderful progress.  Where I left off with you guys is her journey through Teledahn.  What makes this fun for me, watching both my sis and Crimault isn't the whole snicker snicker they don't know anything -- absolutely not!  We all (those who watch) are excited to watch the thinking process.  We want you to succeed and we, who know what's coming, are excited to see you figure it out.  It's a real treat watching someone else experience what you had experienced.  For instance, in Crimault's latest video he was manipulating something but not enough to see that he was indeed on the right track and you are left thinking "Blast!  If only!"

Certain puzzles are easy for some but not for others.  Iota hit a snag in the prisons in Teledahn.  She hadn't taken a photo of the gigantic clue when she was up in the office on the third floor, so she had to go back.  When you put the two side-by-side it becomes obvious.  She knew immediately though that the pressure plates had to be weighted down, but just didn't know which.  I nudged her to go back to look for the map.
Map of the prison in Teledahn with the pressure plates numbered.
She didn't know which numbers were which, and certainly didn't remember the Riven days from over a decade before, so she had to hunt down where to learn the numbers.  I told her the classroom on Bevin has numbers so we went there, but it wasn't exactly clear how to figure them out.  She asked me about this and since I remember my numbers from Riven I realized I never had to find the numbers in Uru.  I still have no idea how one would figure out the numbers in Uru.  Hints?

 Beyond this, it was a piece of cake.  As everyone does, iota had a blast with the gun.  Puns are always intended with me.  Soon enough she had her first pillar.  Well, her first pillar for the second time around, since, if you recall, everything crashed and had to be moved to a new server and we all had to start over again.

Next were the Eders.  Ughhhhh!  She remembered how to do everything here...well actually she temporarily forgot how the steam vents worked, but it went fast.  I also showed her (yes we cheated) where that damn Relto Page is in Eder Kemo.

Relto Page from Eder Kemo.  Provides decoration for your hut.
I haven't decided yet if the Page is worth all that trouble, but I guess it is.  Since by the time she was nearly finished with the Eders (again), I strolled off to bed and she finished.  I woke up to an email saying:
Finished! I have two pillars now :)
And indeed she had!
For the first time, iota has two pillars!
To our delight we discovered we have the same neighborhood, so this is where we meet when sharing Relto.  It was great to see when she linked in the next time we met that she was bedecked in her reward clothing.
Iota working the new gear
We're on Kadish Tolesa now, and I look forward to logging on again tonight.  Oh yes!  A reason to escape a certain "meeting over dinner" I have tonight -- tiresome.  Sometimes a girl just wants to be a recluse.  Iota is toiling away on the first puzzle.  She knows exactly what to do but she's got some of the calibrations in the wrong places.  She'll figure it out!

Clue for Kadish's first puzzle.  It could stand to be a little more at eye level, don't you agree?


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