I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Iota Finishes Kadish Tolesa

SIGH!  That was a successful Thanksgiving -- pretty sure I gained 10 pounds.  And let us wish iota a very happy birthday!  And while we're at it, let's wish my cat #2, Topaz, a happy first birthday tomorrow!

As the title suggests, iota has completed Kadish Tolesa with flying colors!  I'm looking forward to where we'll be heading next (tonight).

She began the evening at the weights and measures puzzle, and while I was off trying to find online the clue for it she solved it and I missed the whole thing.  Of course, I had recorded it, but it was useless because my camera obviously didn't span up to watch the crowning moment.  *dumb*

Clue for the weights and measures puzzle in Kadish Tolesa
After I scurried after her up all those ladders (and mentioning that I wish I could be as athletic as my avatar), she informed me that she had gone back to the classroom to learn the numbers again.  So, onward and upward to the next and final puzzle: the vault!
iota at the last leg of Kadish Tolesa
I heard rustling of papers on the other side of the mic, and knew that she was gathering her notes she had taken previously to sort out the puzzle here.  It didn't take long before she managed to get that door open!
iota solves the final puzzle in Kadish Tolesa
Inside, she was rather perturbed by Kadish's skeleton hanging around on the floor.  She hunted and hunted for the final Journey Cloth while I, standing on the stairs, laughed and laughed inside because the cloth practically punches you in the face when you enter but she hadn't noticed it!

iota discovers the final cloth
When she found the Linking Book to "bizarro-Kadish" she tried to share it with me but for some reason this did not work and I ended up stuck instead!  But she did manage to find the smashing helmet and the butterfly Relto Page.
iota sporting her latest reward clothing: the Kadish helmet
Seriously, though, what's with the helmet?

Anyway, when she was in bizarro-Kadish I asked her what she found and she said one of those glowing "green stencil things."  I almost fell off my chair!  It's true, they do look like that.  It's so funny the way people will describe what they find -- I mean, if one is not familiar with "Relto Page," green stencil thing gets the job done rather well.  crimault is always saying hilarious things like that.
Butterflies "green stencil thing" from bizarro-Kadish
Then, she had to traverse down to the Journey Door.  I told her that I always hold my breath when I walk down there, and also when I try to get, well, basically get anywhere in Gahreesen.
iota walking on the very precarious path to the Journey Door
Now she has three pillars on her Relto!  We then went back to get that other Relto Page:
Growing tree Relto Page from Kadish Tolesa
In other news: OBDUCTION!  Receipts were sent out to Backers (of which I am one hardy har har) which reiterate the delightful goodies we are to receove, depending on our donation level.

FYI: talldarkmystere / Alex Rich has begun issuing puzzles for fans to solve in order to win one of 7 copies of the digital download of Obduction upon its release.  Despite his modesty he displayed on the Facebook Obduction group, I still think this is SO generous!


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