I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recent Activities

Summer break means a lot of free time for four months that I should be using wisely but I don't.  Well, I guess that depends on your idea of "using wisely."  Let's just keep it at keeping busy.  Since May 19, when all my stuff was due (apart my my hieroglyphs which I'm working very slowly on), I've been doing nothing altogether productive, but I've begun changing that up a bit since four days ago.  I recently acquired the complete seasons of I Love Lucy and the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour which I hadn't seen since, I don't know, maybe 14 years ago.  I then became so obsessed and began researching Lucy and Desi with a fervor akin to my scholarly research.  I watched all their movies together and now I am deeply invested in their autobiographies and biographies.

Second, I've been studying German so I can finally take the exam I've been putting off.  My job in archival work was given the green light to continue for the summer, which is always wonderful news for a starving-in-summer grad student.  Then there are the really irritating issues of NYC housing problems.  I moved to the Bronx from Manhattan last year and all that cost me so much money that I couldn't get any furniture.  I finally got a bed in January after sleeping on the floor (not even an air mattress) for 5 months.  In September I am expecting to fully furnish and decorate my apartment: desk, bookcases, couch, etc.  We recently got new owners just when my lease renewal was supposed to be sent (by law 120-90 days before the lease is up -- mine is up in August) so I have been in panic mode.  All had been quiet on the western front, even after calling and leaving voicemails numerous times, until I wrote up a formal letter and sent it to the new owners.  When you want something done, write a letter -- people know you mean business.  Needless to say, they're mailing my lease renewal agreement right now.  Then, my kitchen electric outlet stopped working back in April.  I thought it was the igniter thingy on the stove, but nope.  The repair man pointed to my fuse box, such as it is, and told me I needed to contact my super.  After trying for a month to communicate this to him and getting nowhere I went to the hardware store and bought new fuses for both amp-ages.  I don't have a ladder either, and the fuses are in a little cubby near the ceiling, so I stacked loads of books and teetered on top of my shaky tower and changed the fuses.  Alas, the fuses were not the problem, so definitely it's the outlet.  I had added this to my letter and they will be coming to take a look at it -- and apparently my outlets are not standard building code so not only does the kitchen one need to be replaced but also the bathroom one.  Until it is fixed I have my stove hooked up to an extension cord leading to my foyer haha!  Gotta do what ya gotta do.

These are the things that have been taking over my life.  BUT despite all the above I've been able to squeeze in some Uru stuff.

I had mentioned before that my sister (or one of them -- I have 4) has decided to get back into the Mystverse, so she signed up for Uru and I now get to follow her around.  She goes by the name iota nmblebottom and we've been trying to make a habit of playing for a couple hours on Saturdays at 10pm my time, 8pm hers after the little kiddies have gone to bed.  We've been able to play 3 times only which is why I've not posted any updates.  Uru has been so glitchy also so we run into a lot of problems that take up time.  But she's been doing so great and making loads of progress.  She was always the "I'm gonna figure this shit out if it kills me" person in my family, so she gets so excited when I say I think Kadish Tolesa is one of the most difficult Ages.  We didn't really have cool stuff to do growing up, having been raised in a very strict household (one of my friends used to make fun of me saying that we were raised Amish), so we had to be extra creative with our free time.  I wrote stories, sister #3 built stuff with blocks and K'nex, sister #2 played with dolls, and iota studied astronomy and crocheted.  My three oldest siblings were out of the house before I was born.  We all are very intelligent, but growing up I thought iota was a genius and it's great fun to watch her play.  She thinks I am bored, but I'm very much not.

She's almost finished with Eder Gira/Kemo.  She's at the annoying firefly stage and needs to experiment more before she knows precisely what she must do (I think).  She was making progress back when crimault decided to live stream his Riven gameplay and I admit I was neglecting her.  She's moved on to Kadish Tolesa now and is working out the first puzzle.  She ventured to Kadish's Gallery and soon after she ased "I have to take notes don't I?"  Oh yes.  I was laughing heartily on my end of the country.  I should show some pictures!

Fiddling about with some controls

More controls!

Strolling along the dangerous edge

View from above

Some conversation
I have also been recording the game and keeping chat logs, but I don't think I have any videos yet that need to be posted.

Also keeping me busy is a little project of compiling the histories of the D'ni kings.  I'm transcribing the notebooks and will print them out and have them spiral bound and add it to my Myst collection!  Hopefully soon I can be reunited with my Myst collection which is hanging out at my mom's house in Chicago -- after I decorate my apartment and have places to put stuff.  But I made a cover for it:

Ah sometimes I take such delight in being a dork.

And by the time I finished writing this someone stopped by to fix my kitchen outlet!


Becca Jackson said...

I was there last week trying to finish up the testy fireflies, but the game was so glitchy that my character wasn't moving correctly to complete anything! After an hour I gave up :(

Briana Jackson said...

Oh blasty blast! You know, I was totally revved to log on and hang out. I was chatting with a friend and she asked me if I had a good weekend. Had? I asked, but we still have Sunday tomorrow! She told me, Briana, it's Sunday right now. HAHAHAHA and then I felt so bad :(

I did cheer up, though, because I realized I'd see the new episode of Game of Thrones a day early lol. This is another problem with summer break: you forget what day it is!

Becca Jackson said...


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