I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Last Friday, that is, September 27, local_character and I met up for another game session.  He was intent on finishing Eder Gira/Kemo within the hour we were able to spend at that time.  He succeeded in obtaining his pillar, but we both left the game feeling rather annoyed.  This was because of bugs.

For me, Eder Gira/Kemo always irritated me because of the going back and forth because of all the accidents that end up chasing away the fireflies that are necessary to make any progress in Eder Gira.  As usual, it was the fireflies that caused all the grief during our game play not only because of the going back and forth but also because there were so many frustrating glitches.

It didn't help that every time we linked to Gira it was at night...as though the Age weren't dark enough!  Patience and perseverance is a significant necessity in these two Ages and at first I was amused by his slow discoveries as to what should be done with the fireflies.

Unfortunately, there were several times the fireflies didn't accompany him from Kemo to Gira.  Another time, the fireflies linked to another location (at the link spot to Kemo from Gira, right in front of the book) while local_character appeared at the link spot from Kemo to Gira.  Most of the time, the fireflies didn't accompany him, but the glowing still did, but then he would thrash about in the water and would have to go back and get more fireflies.

Trouble with Kemo fireflies
A couple of times, I could see his avatar, but he couldn't see mine.  I had him log off and then sign back in again, but the glitches continued.  I grabbed fireflies for him, but faced the same problems.  I went into the caves to turn on the lights, but they were un-turn-on-able in the nighttime darkness.  He was frustrated, I was frustrated, and by then he was complaining about the game in general:
local _character: this game is very glitchy
Baladria: it's not normally
local _character: theis is the first time the flies followed me
Baladria: i don't know why this is happening to you
local _character: i dont want to lose them
Baladria: i will let the Guild of Writers know so they can fix it
local _character: so lets get thes part done, is what mean
Baladria: well, unfortunately, you will have a lot of going back and forth to do in this Age
Baladria: that's why it drives me crazy
local _character: because if i lose them, i don't know if they'll follow again
Baladria: grr
local _character: thats why you need to walk me throught thid part
Baladria: if you don't want to finish this Age you can come to mine and that will make it easy for you
Baladria: so what would you like to do?
local _character: idk
Baladria: do you want to start a new Age?
Baladria: until this one gets to be daytime again?
local _character: sigh  forget it  
local _character: this is really annoying and not impressive
Baladria: you want to stop playing?
Baladria: like i said you can come to mine and i can show you
Baladria: this was a bad choice for the first Age lol
local _character: i think its dumb that i invested so much time
local _character: and because of glitches, i cant finish it
local _character: lets go to yours

We ended up going to my Age where he was able to finish, but even there I was invisible to him even though I could see him.  He pissed the pith hat as well as the Kemo Relto Page, and he was disappointed that he couldn't get past the glitches to do everything himself.  He expressed interest in going back and completing his own Gira/Kemo, now that he knows what to do.  However, he was happy to get a pillar and to jump into the "starry expanse, of which [he] had only a fleeting glimpse," from the Bahro cave.  In a sense, he felt some degree of accomplishment.

I recommended he try Teledahn next because it is miles easier than the Eders.  I was highly delighted when he asked if those were the hardest Ages, to which the answer was a resounding NO.

local _character: is it ever nighttime here??  [Teledahn]
Baladria: no
Baladria: thankfully
local _character: :(
Baladria: they did that with the last age to make it hard
Baladria: that was the only place that has a day/night sequence
local _character: ah
local _character: is it the hardest?
Baladria: no
Baladria: haha
Baladria: there are 2 others which are the two hardest [for me, anyway: Kadish Tolesa and Ahnonay]
Baladria: but they are also the most interesting
Baladria: actually there is another hard one with a day/night sequence [Minkata]
Baladria: i used a walkthrough for that one for the whole thing because it's difficult [yes, I admit, I often need a lot of help!]
Thus our adventure for the day ended.  I never did inform the Guild of Writers about the firefly trouble.  Perhaps they know about it already; they are pretty on top of things there.  The whole "day" (of game play) was frustrating and disappointing and I was a little upset that he was so unimpressed based on this small problem, but I am glad that he is willing to continue.  When he found the first Journey Cloth in Teledahn he felt a lot better for having accomplished one thumb, as it were, of the journey so early in the Age's puzzle-set.  I hope when we meet up again we won't have to face issues similar to the above-mentioned.


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