I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Friday, September 6, 2013

local_character Finally Returns

It has been two whole months since local_character logged in to Uru.  While we played for less than an hour, I was happy for it.  He made some great progress in that short amount of time, also.  Last time, we left off at nighttime Eder Gira.  He had figured out the steam vent puzzle and touched the first Journey Cloth of the Age(s).  After this he didn't know what to do and there he left it for two months.

So today we returned to Eder Gira, and it was daytime.  He said he liked the daytime a lot better because it wasn't as "depressing".  Lets see how much he likes it as he progresses!  This Age drove me crazy.

When I arrived to his Eder Gira, he told me he may have found another cloth and I asked him where.  I was pleased to discover he found this one:

local_character finds second Journey Cloth on ledge in Eder Gira with Baladria
After this he leapt to the other mini island where the lonely steam vent is located and the following signature local_character dialog ensued:
(09/06 09:24:17) From local _character: i can see up your skirt
(09/06 09:24:26) From local _character: aye
(09/06 09:24:50) From local _character: come down
(09/06 09:25:16) From local _character: helllllooooooo!!!!!!!
(09/06 09:25:42) To local _character: whoops
(09/06 09:25:50) To local _character: a little too far aha
(09/06 09:26:01) From local _character: can you see up my skirt?
(09/06 09:26:09) To local _character: yes
(09/06 09:26:14) To local _character: not a pretty sight
(09/06 09:26:23) From local _character: hahahaha

Just a touch earlier we had the following conversation:
(09/06 09:19:12) To local _character: let's do screenshot anyway
(09/06 09:19:43) To local _character: hahaaha hello?
(09/06 09:20:30) To local _character: are you there?
(09/06 09:21:29) To local _character: knock knock
(09/06 09:22:38) Baladria drums fingers on her desk
(09/06 09:23:02) To local _character: hey
(09/06 09:23:21) To local _character: haha thanks
(09/06 09:23:21) From local _character: sorry afk
(09/06 09:23:31) To local _character: once more, yes?
(09/06 09:23:33) From local _character: had to move my car
(09/06 09:23:51) To local _character: good ok
(09/06 09:24:03) To local _character: hahaha you had to move your car

So much time was wasted!  It was frustrating, for sure.  But at least he found that Cloth.  Next, after a bit more consideration he finally understood how to use the steam vents a second time to make the jump to the other side of Eder Gira.  He glanced at the Eder Kemo Book, but then found his first sparkly:

local_character finds his first calendar spark
He started exploring more when I got the idea to look up how to record my screen for demos and such, thinking it would be cool to record as well as to make chatlogs, screenshots, and KI images.Of course, during this time local_character ran around finding all sorts of things and I completely missed that he had ventured to Eder Kemo without me.  I was chatting to him, but again was receiving no answer, and so I returned to trying to download CamStudio which was having a fight with my antivirus software and then the roles were reversed because he was talking to me and was receiving no response:
(09/06 09:44:02) To local _character: where did you go this time?
(09/06 09:47:31) To local _character: are you moving your car again?
(09/06 09:47:32) To local _character: lol
(09/06 09:51:35) Baladria hums a song from Brigadoon
(09/06 09:53:08) From local _character: hey
(09/06 09:58:59)  local _character: that wasn a nic eplace
(09/06 09:59:08)  local _character: it was raining
(09/06 09:59:20)  local _character: what are you doing???????
(09/06 09:59:32)  local _character: it was a nice place
(09/06 09:59:44)  local _character: hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(09/06 10:00:50) To local _character: sorry
(09/06 10:01:06)  Baladria: let's go!
(09/06 10:01:06)  local _character: :(
(09/06 10:01:15)  Baladria: why didn't you have me come along?
(09/06 10:01:21)  local _character: where?
(09/06 10:01:27)  Baladria: to the raining place
(09/06 10:01:41)  local _character: i went  you didnt go
(09/06 10:01:52)  Baladria: you didn't tell me that you went there

Apparently this is a recurring theme.  However, calling Eder Kemo "the raining place" was highly amusing to me.  Newbies, man.  Newbies.  We considered returning to Eder Kemo, this time together, but we both realized we had to go: him to work (and apparently to get his car fixed), and me to two meetings.  We, hopefully, are going to play again tomorrow morning when perhaps I will do some screen recording!  That could be fun!  Anyhow, here were the last bits of our conversation:
(09/06 10:05:04)  local _character: i have to go soon
(09/06 10:05:08) To local _character: me too
(09/06 10:05:11) To local _character: :(
(09/06 10:05:15)  local _character: :(
(09/06 10:05:23) To local _character: so call it a day?
(09/06 10:05:40) To local _character: dude 15 minutes every month isn't very rewarding haha
(09/06 10:05:55)  local _character: what do you mean?
(09/06 10:06:20) To local _character: i mean it's not fair that a month goes by and we only play for like half an hour
(09/06 10:06:33)  local _character: i know  
(09/06 10:06:49)  local _character: i need better time management
(09/06 10:06:53) To local _character: yes
(09/06 10:06:57) To local _character: hahaha
(09/06 10:07:18)  local _character: i have to go get the check engine light fixed on the car
(09/06 10:09:18)  local _character: lets see if we can playn tomorrow
(09/06 10:09:25) To local _character: ok goooooooooooooood!
(09/06 10:09:28) To local _character: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
(09/06 10:09:31)  local _character: how do we save?
(09/06 10:09:44) To local _character: it's saved with touching cloths
(09/06 10:09:49)  local _character: ok
(09/06 10:09:55)  local _character: later
(09/06 10:09:59) To local _character: toodles
So, some progress, but hopefully tomorrow will bring more adventures.

local_character touching second Journey Cloth in Eder Gira


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