I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Practice of Journaling

I know that many Myst fans keep journals of their game experience.  We tend to write these journals in a role-playing way.  If you want an example here's a whole forum on it Myst Community (.com).  We're a dedicated bunch.  Why do we do this?  For one reason it is to take notes because it is impossible to play these games without taking notes, especially in Riven where the codes for puzzles do in fact change.  Another reason is because the characters in the games keep journals themselves.  You must sit there and read the characters' journals because that is where you find many of the answers.

In searching for game players' journals I discovered this rocking site that includes all character journals.  I became quite giddy.  I shall put this link on the right-hand column soon (maybe after I get home from work if I don't have the time now) <--- see, THAT is an example of our tendencies to role-play journal.  Readers of this blog really aren't going to care when I go to work and how I schedule time in my day to write this blog.  (I'm actually supposed to be studying Middle Egyptian right now!)

Anyway: here is the complete set of character journals.  Holy shiznat!  There's even a page-turning soundtrack.  I'm in love!  The Uru one is especially complete because it comprises the reports of the DRC (D'ni Restoration Council) on D'ni culture and history as opposed to offering only journals.  I just found the DRC site also.  Many of these sites haven't been updated for a while because of the funding problems for MO:ULa.  I'd love to see it revive, maybe give us a new Age to celebrate 20 years instead of only offering the games on iPhones or iPads, two things I don't have.

Player journals for Myst games don't stop there.  The practice actually squeezes its way into our daily lives.  I tried keeping a journal when I was 13 or 14.  One of those rough ages when you are filled with angst and have to write in your diary how much life sucks and wishing you could die because, oh I don't know, maybe someone threw a french fry at you, just to name an example.  Needless to say, that practice did not last very long, maybe a year or so before I became bored with it.  It began to feel more like a chore.

When I went to Ireland for the first time in 2010 I decided to get a journal for the occasion both to track my crazy adventures, which in fact often were quite crazy (I wrote 20 pages in the guest book on my account of my stay -- and a couple actually sent me a letter hahaha!) and also in case I had story ideas.  It worked out quite well.  Later, when I gave a presentation on traveling to Ireland, I consulted my journal for facts I may have forgotten and it proved quite useful.  I have been journaling ever since!  My inspiration behind journaling altogether was/is Myst, and also Queen Victoria who firmly believed one must write in one's journal every day.  Honestly, I have no idea how she found the time to be so thorough because she had so many projects and documents she was working on.  Journaling is something I encourage.  You may feel you have nothing to write about, but you will be surprised when suddenly you have written 5 pages!

Here I share with you my Myst journal that I have reserved solely for Uru: Complete Chronicles.  I intend to fill up the remaining pages with the differences in MO:UL...another reason I begged local_character to play the game.  I need to do Ahnonay the MO:UL way again.  What was frustrating when I played Coomplete Chronicles again is that I discovered I had written up Er'cana the Uru Live way, so I had to make alterations that annoyed me very much.  Grrr!  Also, through the various versions of Uru Live, my list of Ages on the inside cover of the book are all messed up!  The woes of Myst fans.

I have another blank journal waiting to be filled with my experiences in the single-player games.  And by journal, I mean those fancy ones.  My Ireland one was leather.  Very travel chic.  My current one is hardback with an old-book look to it.  My Myst one is hardcover, but wrapped in a rough velvety book cover that ties the book closed.  My Uru journal is what you see above, the Myst Personal Journal that came with the 5th Anniversary Edition.

In other news, and maybe I will write up another post about this, there is another game I play called Pharaoh, like SimCity, only in ancient Egypt.  I intend to use it in my Egyptology classes when I become a professor haha!  local_chracter introduced me to it and he was trying to convince me to start a blog about that.  I told him HE should do it, but I guess I must be the one to do it.  He doesn't even have gmail, the savage!  I will wait to fix up the design before I post about it here.


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