I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Iota Finishes Kadish Tolesa

SIGH!  That was a successful Thanksgiving -- pretty sure I gained 10 pounds.  And let us wish iota a very happy birthday!  And while we're at it, let's wish my cat #2, Topaz, a happy first birthday tomorrow!

As the title suggests, iota has completed Kadish Tolesa with flying colors!  I'm looking forward to where we'll be heading next (tonight).

She began the evening at the weights and measures puzzle, and while I was off trying to find online the clue for it she solved it and I missed the whole thing.  Of course, I had recorded it, but it was useless because my camera obviously didn't span up to watch the crowning moment.  *dumb*

Clue for the weights and measures puzzle in Kadish Tolesa
After I scurried after her up all those ladders (and mentioning that I wish I could be as athletic as my avatar), she informed me that she had gone back to the classroom to learn the numbers again.  So, onward and upward to the next and final puzzle: the vault!
iota at the last leg of Kadish Tolesa
I heard rustling of papers on the other side of the mic, and knew that she was gathering her notes she had taken previously to sort out the puzzle here.  It didn't take long before she managed to get that door open!
iota solves the final puzzle in Kadish Tolesa
Inside, she was rather perturbed by Kadish's skeleton hanging around on the floor.  She hunted and hunted for the final Journey Cloth while I, standing on the stairs, laughed and laughed inside because the cloth practically punches you in the face when you enter but she hadn't noticed it!

iota discovers the final cloth
When she found the Linking Book to "bizarro-Kadish" she tried to share it with me but for some reason this did not work and I ended up stuck instead!  But she did manage to find the smashing helmet and the butterfly Relto Page.
iota sporting her latest reward clothing: the Kadish helmet
Seriously, though, what's with the helmet?

Anyway, when she was in bizarro-Kadish I asked her what she found and she said one of those glowing "green stencil things."  I almost fell off my chair!  It's true, they do look like that.  It's so funny the way people will describe what they find -- I mean, if one is not familiar with "Relto Page," green stencil thing gets the job done rather well.  crimault is always saying hilarious things like that.
Butterflies "green stencil thing" from bizarro-Kadish
Then, she had to traverse down to the Journey Door.  I told her that I always hold my breath when I walk down there, and also when I try to get, well, basically get anywhere in Gahreesen.
iota walking on the very precarious path to the Journey Door
Now she has three pillars on her Relto!  We then went back to get that other Relto Page:
Growing tree Relto Page from Kadish Tolesa
In other news: OBDUCTION!  Receipts were sent out to Backers (of which I am one hardy har har) which reiterate the delightful goodies we are to receove, depending on our donation level.

FYI: talldarkmystere / Alex Rich has begun issuing puzzles for fans to solve in order to win one of 7 copies of the digital download of Obduction upon its release.  Despite his modesty he displayed on the Facebook Obduction group, I still think this is SO generous!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Iota Makes Amazing Progress in Kadish Tolesa

FYI, I record each time iota and I play MOUL.  All this time we'd been type-chatting in game but then iota had the brilliant idea of Skyping while playing so that we didn't have to type.  I thought, how wonderful for my (non-)audience!

I would absolutely love to share such videos except for the fact that we do nothing but gossip the entire time and talk about stuff in our personal lives and thus the recordings are rendered entirely useless.  For a moment I thought I would have been able to post a video of iota completing the second puzzle since I failed to get a picture, but I guess we just can't shut up.  And by we, I mean myself.  Her husband entered the room and asked if we were talking or playing.  Well, we were multi-tasking...

Despite the above, iota made such astounding progress.  She solved 2.5 puzzles in one evening.  She was finally able to re-solve the first puzzle after finally getting those blasted details right.  She then learned that you can access Kadish's gallery in the city via the book on the shelf in Relto.

iota passing through to the second puzzle of Kadish Tolesa
She delved right in to the next puzzle, the floor one.  I gave her the clue that I had heard/read once: What's more important in Kadish Tolesa is what isn't there.  A cryptic clue, but a useful one in retrospect.

Which means it's not really useful at all.

Her first thought was to get through that door that's at the base of the winding ramp, but she figured it out rather quickly and I was muy impressed!

Well on the way to solving this puzzle
I failed to get a picture of the completion of this puzzle.  It was after this one that our gossiping really took off.  But it was fun, so I'm not sorry.  Like most people she really liked the land beyond, all the purple.  Truly this is a stunning Age, as is Kadish's other one.  You all know what I'm talking about.  (Can't wait for her to get to that one woohoo!)  The relative ease with which she solved the next puzzle was pretty astonishing.  I heard her scribbling away on a piece of paper through the microphone, copying down every single pattern that could be found in the gallery.  Small wonder she solved this next floor puzzle so quickly.

iota heading toward puzzle #3
Baladria and iota observing the floor from the platform before iota solves the puzzle
I don't think it took her more than 10 minutes!  We took the elevator down to the lower level of weights and measures. For some reason I find watching avatars riding that elevator hilarious, especially when iota failed to step off the elevator and came right back up again.  I was dying!

Entering the hall of weights and measures
It took her a little while to get up to the calendar spark, but she finally got that one.  One funny thing that happened was she raised the first pillar, climbed it, walked off to the back and got stuck.  Or so we thought.  I thought if I pressed the "escape" button that the pillar would fall, but I guess it doesn't work when avatars are standing on the pillars.  But then she discovered she could just leap onto the main floor.  Duh!

Climbing the pillars to collect the calendar spark
So, iota has found 1 spark and 6 cloths.  One more cloth to go!  She also has not yet found the Relto Page, but don't worry guys, I won't let her leave this Age without it.  It's a special one!

In other news, today I was in a class listening to a student's presentation on the famous ancient Egyptian Tomb 100 where a bunch of ships are depicted on a wall painting.  In the center is a black one, and every time she said "black ship" my mind floated away to Myst and I giggled a little inside.

Hmm...next time I am in Relto I am going to check up on my little tree to see how much it's grown.

Lastly, the Obduction website will be unveiled soon!  Will post about it when it happens.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Iota's Progress -- End of Teledahn and Beginning of Kadish

I haven't been very good about updating iota's progress...too many things on my plate!  But I assure you she's doing excellently!  First, some brief news.

For anyone who follows Crimault on YouTube or is interested in watching someone play through the games for the first time, he is back!  He's returned to Myst III: Exile, and in fact is starting over with s new vested interest.  Last time Amateria helped to deflate his interest.  He had just finished playing Myst and Riven which are superior games, so delving right into non-Cyan made games was a bit of a disappointing shock.  But he's back, hooray!  I mentioned to him it might be interesting for fans to compile reaction videos...I'm thinking I might record just in case there is anything worthwhile sharing.  Yes, I am a dork, but I am obsessed with Myst so that ship sailed a long time ago.

I noticed today when I went into Uru to copy down my KI# that the Cavcon meter is down to 1.4.  If you can donate anything, please consider doing so.  I'm hoping to donate as soon as I can, which may be a few months.

While we're on the subject of KIs, I retrieved my new number and it is 00212408 if you want to add me.  Not that anyone would be lining up to do so, but whatever.  It's there, have at it.  I've updated the banner on this blog to reflect (in D'ni numerals) my number.  I also updated the transliteration of my name (Baladria, not my real name), but if anyone believes I've done it wrong, please feel free to correct me.  If you need a voice rendering of the name I can supply this.  You can contact me via here, Twitter, Google+, whatever, to set up some method of hearing it.  I've spelled it: balYDrEa.  So let me know.

Recently, Cyan released a bunch of fabulous Riven and Myst posters, and as soon as I frame them and hang them up I'll share a photo with you.  Obduction things will be arriving soon also...totes excited!

And now, on to iota and her wonderful progress.  Where I left off with you guys is her journey through Teledahn.  What makes this fun for me, watching both my sis and Crimault isn't the whole snicker snicker they don't know anything -- absolutely not!  We all (those who watch) are excited to watch the thinking process.  We want you to succeed and we, who know what's coming, are excited to see you figure it out.  It's a real treat watching someone else experience what you had experienced.  For instance, in Crimault's latest video he was manipulating something but not enough to see that he was indeed on the right track and you are left thinking "Blast!  If only!"

Certain puzzles are easy for some but not for others.  Iota hit a snag in the prisons in Teledahn.  She hadn't taken a photo of the gigantic clue when she was up in the office on the third floor, so she had to go back.  When you put the two side-by-side it becomes obvious.  She knew immediately though that the pressure plates had to be weighted down, but just didn't know which.  I nudged her to go back to look for the map.
Map of the prison in Teledahn with the pressure plates numbered.
She didn't know which numbers were which, and certainly didn't remember the Riven days from over a decade before, so she had to hunt down where to learn the numbers.  I told her the classroom on Bevin has numbers so we went there, but it wasn't exactly clear how to figure them out.  She asked me about this and since I remember my numbers from Riven I realized I never had to find the numbers in Uru.  I still have no idea how one would figure out the numbers in Uru.  Hints?

 Beyond this, it was a piece of cake.  As everyone does, iota had a blast with the gun.  Puns are always intended with me.  Soon enough she had her first pillar.  Well, her first pillar for the second time around, since, if you recall, everything crashed and had to be moved to a new server and we all had to start over again.

Next were the Eders.  Ughhhhh!  She remembered how to do everything here...well actually she temporarily forgot how the steam vents worked, but it went fast.  I also showed her (yes we cheated) where that damn Relto Page is in Eder Kemo.

Relto Page from Eder Kemo.  Provides decoration for your hut.
I haven't decided yet if the Page is worth all that trouble, but I guess it is.  Since by the time she was nearly finished with the Eders (again), I strolled off to bed and she finished.  I woke up to an email saying:
Finished! I have two pillars now :)
And indeed she had!
For the first time, iota has two pillars!
To our delight we discovered we have the same neighborhood, so this is where we meet when sharing Relto.  It was great to see when she linked in the next time we met that she was bedecked in her reward clothing.
Iota working the new gear
We're on Kadish Tolesa now, and I look forward to logging on again tonight.  Oh yes!  A reason to escape a certain "meeting over dinner" I have tonight -- tiresome.  Sometimes a girl just wants to be a recluse.  Iota is toiling away on the first puzzle.  She knows exactly what to do but she's got some of the calibrations in the wrong places.  She'll figure it out!

Clue for Kadish's first puzzle.  It could stand to be a little more at eye level, don't you agree?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Myst TV Series

By now most of you will have heard/read the most amazing news ever: Legendary has signed a deal with Myst for a TV series!


Interestingly, over the past few days, people have been discussing Robyn Miller's tweet dating to September 24 concerning a TV show he tried to get off the ground with the SyFy (SciFi) channel twelve years ago which included a couple images of concept art.  And of course, let us not forget the threat on the Cyan Forums about it being a possibly good idea to let HBO have it.  To imagine that all this time Cyan has been giggling, knowing that soon the cat would be out of the bag.  Usually we get some kind of heads up in the form of puzzles or someone popping in to say something cryptic about something coming soon.  Maybe that's what Robyn's tweet was.  Nothing made it to their news section on their website.  I first saw the link with the story on Facebook.

You know, I now vaguely remember something Ryan or someone else said about not being finished with Myst.  (Click to expand)

So let's talk about this!  Some fans meet this with extreme enthusiasm, whereas others are cautious or skeptical.  Perhaps there is room for all these thoughts.

First of all, we can't be too hasty with our judgments since we don't even know what the subject matter will be.  According to the article, there will be a game that goes along with it, tied into whatever the storyline will be.  I'm not sure how that works, but I'm willing to go along with it.  I guess we can be sure, in that case, that the show would not cover the games already released.  And in order to make a TV show I am thinking that perhaps they wouldn't want to be restricted to the books.  Although, I really do want a movie or some-such about the Book of Ti'ana!!  So perhaps, as Ryan states above in a potentially unrelated comment, there are other Myst stories to tell.  I think it most definitely would involve the D'ni because, well, that's what Myst consists of.  We must keep in mind that they want to reach a huge audience so we can't expect anything to be so strictly tied to what we know.

I'm really excited to see what they come up with.  I hope whatever channel it will air on will have the episodes available online so that I can watch them (no tv here).

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Revisiting Minkata

As I continue getting back everything I had accomplished years ago, having at last successfully calibrated my KI and completing Er'cana, today I did Minkata.  I have only to grab my Tetsonot donut quarter and to do Ahnonay.  I think I will wait on Ahnonay until iota gets there.  Sadly I will be lacking in a number of things, 

Minkata is starkly beautiful with its constant sandstorm sweeping over the flat desert peppered with small flat-topped mounds which I have been calling mini mesas.  The contrast between sand and desert is absolutely striking.  Now, knowing how the Age puzzle goes, one could potentially say this is as annoying as Eders Gira/Kemo, but shockingly I do not find it thus.  In fact, I very much adore Minkata.

My biggest problem with Minkata is me.  My navigational skills are nil, zip, zilch, non-existent.  In real life I am grateful that Manhattan is mostly laid out in a grid pattern.  Until you get to Houston St. and everything goes to shit.  A friend of mine and I were trying to locate the Brooklyn Bridge so we could walk across it back to Manhattan.  Alas, we got completely lost.  How do you get lost trying to find a huge suspension bridge?  In our defense, the guy from whom we received our directions pointed us in the opposite direction.  Thanks dude!  When we found that the neighborhoods we were penetrating were becoming more and more shady we finally asked some guys sitting outside an apartment building and we had them laughing.

So yes, me, Minkata, and three suns making three shadows is quite confusing.  I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I figured the Age out on my own.  Nope, I am not a genius like others who play the game.  I definitely cheat when it comes to Minkata.  However, I did photograph the pages from the Minkata journal to make myself feel better, making it seem like I would solve it myself.  *snort laugh*  I can figure out the means by which to find each destination, but I just don't do it.  I go the easy route using this beauty right here:

Minkata cheat sheet
Even with this, however, I have major issues.  I completely missed kiva #1, thinking that kiva #2 was #1, which messed me up.  Why?  Because after climbing out of kiva #2 in the nighttime Minkata I ended up following the constellation for kiva #1.  It brought me to the cage for sure, but I knew I was missing something.  Duh, I was missing the damn bahro glyph that changes the sky.

One of the amazing spiral galaxies seen from nighttime Minkata
Even getting to kiva #2 was an issue because I overshot it.  When the dust was getting to be too thick I decided to turn around and it was only then that I was able to find it.  And when I realized my mistake I had to do it all over again.  Kivas 1, 3, and 5 were easy as cake, but kiva 4...  Forget it.  That one is the most difficult to find, probably because that's where all the cool stuff is.

Lost in the desert

After finally finding kiva 4 (again, having to backtrack and finding it by chance), I thought, hey, I'm going to find that soccer ball!  I knew it was due south from the kiva and off I went.  I had never been able to find it before.  Alas, this would not be any different.  Like a complete moron I followed the wrong shadow!  Instead of using the 0 degrees shadow I accidentally used the 300 degrees shadow.  As soon as I realized this I attempted to find my way back and naturally failed.  So I had to hunt down kiva 4 all over again!  And that certainly didn't take a short time.  But at last I found it again.

Finding kiva 4
I decided I wouldn't go in search of the ever elusive soccer ball, at least not now.  You can't even bring it back to Relto, which isn't fair.  I was very excited about this moment because it is in nighttime Minkata kiva 4 that ones finds the fabulously fashionable pink hiking boots, also known as Minkata boots.  This is a good thing because we all certainly need a prize after all that.

Sporting my new Minkata boots
I wish we had a control for our avatars allowing them to pass out because, damn, they sure do burn loads of calories.

Finally, I finished!  Kudos to all those who are able to solve it the proper way!

Minkata complete!
That's a lot of work for a donut.  I wouldn't mind having a donut right now, or even making my delicious scones, but I have to be sure I will fit well in my dress for the opera on Halloween!  Going to see the Magic Flute which has been on my bucket list for a long, long time.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exploration Redux

Abandon hope all ye who enter here expecting not to be spoiled.

I've been toiling away on MOULa, hurrying to finish the game again and have been appreciating small things that I'd missed the first few times around, and grumbling about other things.  Like the marker missions.  I hate the marker missions.  I know many people enjoy them, but I find calibrating my KI to be the most tedious part of any Myst game.  Maybe it's tied with the Mangree puzzle in Myst IV: Revelation.  Why can't the KI come pre-calibrated?! I usually exclaim to myself when I find I have one marker left in a given mission and I have no clue where it is.  I mean, Ae'gura is huge!  It could be anywhere!  When I get especially bored after I've found all the obvious markers (i.e. ones that are in relative vicinities to each other) I unabashedly hit up the Guild of Greeters' cheat sheet just to get the whole thing over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible.  See resources below.

While some may disagree, this is how I feel about markers.  Particularly some hard to reach markers which shall go nameless, but they know which ones they are.
Hanging around waiting for the portals in the Pod Ages isn't so bad because there's an excellent calendar online that tells you when the next one is coming up (see resources below).  This morning before going to work I finished off a couple more marker missions (I'm halfway finished!) and ventured over to Tetsonot.  I entered the portal and was going to claim my donut slice except I forgot how.  I thought we are supposed to jump through them for some reason and this didn't work HAHA!  So I guess I will see what's what at the next portal, which should be coming to Negilahn very soon.  Awesome, I just entered the Negilahn portal while typing this post and dummy me found the spiral on the back wall for collecting the donut quarter.  Woohoo!  I also snapped a cool photo while I fell into that starry expanse of which I had only a fleeting glimpse.

Starry expanse
When I was wandering around collecting Relto Pages, I kept looking for the one that you find on the side of the window in the light garden in Bevin, but for a few days it wasn't there.  I traveled to other neighborhoods but the Page was nowhere to be found.  Only today did it appear, so happily I now have my islands again.  Slowly but surely Relto is coming back to normal.  I'm letting it rain for now so that my tree can grow again.

One thing that has been really great about re-playing is I figured out how to get the Kadish Gallery music on my player in Relto.  For some reason I had forgotten about it and all this time since I came back in 2012?  Maybe it was 2010 when MOULa began?  Can't remember.  But I had been wondering all these years how to get the Kadish music on my player.  Yesterday while hunting for markers my game was experiencing a glitch in which all markers disappeared and there was no sound.  I went to the gallery to see if I could hear the music and discovered I couldn't.  So I decided to turn it off and then on again with hopes that would restore sound.  While it didn't, I DID notice my Relto book flash and that's when I remembered that that was how you get the Kadish music to Relto.  DUH!  My glitches fixed themselves, by the way.

Speaking of glitches, when redoing Gira/Kemo, I didn't experience any glitches with the fireflies.  So I guess maybe it happens only when one has multiple players in the Age?  As for that hard to reach Relto Page in Kemo, I was able to obtain it fairly quickly.

I was disappointed to re-learn that we can't get Maintainer suits from the Gahreesen fortress. :(  Next to the Watcher's jacket that is probably the coolest clothing reward in the game.

I've begun collecting stained glass art from the book rooms in the neighborhoods, and all around trying to get some nice photos either with my KI or screenshots.  I'll put some here, but I will also be adding some to my KI album you can see on the right of this post in the first column.  I'm a huge fan of symmetry, as I am sure you will notice.  I thought I had recorded the end of the totems stage, but I just checked and NADA!  Must've been when either I Net 6'ed or I switched screens.  I guess it stops recording when I switch screens?  Not sure.  But I guess you all know how it goes.  Bummer.

Guild of Greeters Green/Red Marker Missions Cheat Sheet
Guild of Greeters Calibration Marker Missions Cheat Sheet
Pod Age Portal Calendar

Control room in Gahreesen: power on!

Going the long road to the Gahreesen fortress

X marks the spot in Kadish Tolesa

Probably the most-photographed area of Kadish Tolesa

Kerath's Arch, always beautifully formidable.

Another favorite photo-worthy scene, in Rezeero / Great Zero

The tree of the Watcher, which we don't have access to in MO:UL.  I can't say I am altogether disappointed.  We all know how detestable standing on that platform for 30 minutes and doing nothing else is.

Isn't this one of the Great Zero stained glass artworks?

The Ahnonay Cathedral.  Say what you will of Kadish, but the guy was artistically talented!

The "pyramid" in Kadish Tolesa.  I vaguely recall that we were able to get to the top of this.  Am I remembering correctly?

Down the shaft I go!


From a distance, this is not as aesthetically pleasing as we are used to with Kadish's designs.  It looks like spider to me!  Nevertheless, it is pretty cool.

Maybe visions of sugar plums danced in his head in the end?

The Bahro cave completed
Falling towards the orange waters of D'ni from the Bahro cave.

Gahreesen stained glass art

Great Zero stained glass art

Eder Delin stained glass art

Great Zero stained glass art

Eder Tsogal stained glass art.  Whoops, the mouse cursor is still visible!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Starting Over: Myst Online Relaunch!

UPDATE:  I guess what had happened was mega system failure and they had to move to a new server to reboot.  Thus, this has brought many dormant players back to life so that they can get back their finished journey.  Be prepared to see more people in the cavern.  This is great, actually, because I never did my door runs in Tsogal and Delin...

I logged on to Myst Online this evening when what to my wondering eyes should appear a screen indicating I had to create a new explorer.  Wait, what?  I logged off, thinking it was a mistake, and then back on again.  Nope, not a mistake.

Cue me swearing up, down, and sideways.

What has happened to my avatar?!  What about all that progress I had made?  All those Ages solved, clothes, Relto Pages, and calendar sparks collected.  Dear God, if I have to go through Minkata again...

Immediately, as I awaited iota's imminent "WTF" email, I zipped over to the MOULa forums and found that Chogon had posted an announcement yesterday about this very issue: READ.

Good news: Myst Online has been relaunched.

Bad news: You have to do everything all over again.  But more good news, there will be some new content coming our way!  (I keep chanting that to cover up my irritation.)

iota at least had not gotten very far in the game, so luckily she will still get to experience most everything afresh.  

I just keep thinking of the stuff I have to do over, like the marker hunts, Eders Gira/Kemo, and finding my Minkata boots.

One thing that was pretty cool was since iota and I recreated ourselves at the same time we ended up in the same Hood.  Small things...

My new KI is 00212408 if anyone wants to add me.  Crap.  I have to update my banner now.  I hope I still have the files for it...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Iota Tackles Teledahn

It's been a while since I last posted and it will likely be a while between posts more often.  School has resumed!  So I am spending my time toiling away with hieroglyphs (and failing haha!!) and doing research and prepping for the class I will be teaching in the spring!  Plus, iota has her own real life stuff, so we can't always get together on Saturdays at 8pm her time and 10pm my time.  Anyway...

Happiness filled me when iota nmblebottom said that we would venture to Teledahn, my favorite Age from Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.  It was one of the few Ages I didn't need help for, and also it is so beautiful there.  Back when I first played it I was really into fairies and the mushrooms had that whole fairy-esque theme: toadstools and all.  So it was pretty magical.  Well, most of the time.  For those who already have completed the Age probably know what that means.

iota finds the first Journey Cloth in Teledahn
So, with iota having donned her reward pith hat from Eder Gira, she and I linked,  First she walked around, quickly noticing the first Journey Cloth, which, of course, isn't exactly hiding.  Naturally, she spent a lot of time at the power nexus pulling levers that did nothing and checking out all the avenues leading away from there.  She fiddled about and fiddled about before she finally indicated she needed a clue.  I told her to go back to the power center and I said her Riven experience would help, by which I meant the D'ni numeral 3 -- 3  -- that is printed on the big yellow button.  As she said, she hadn't played Riven in a good long while, so she didn't know immediately, like I had, that the button had the number 3 which meant you had to press it 3 times.  Though I didn't tell her the number bit, she did return to the button and up shot the sun catcher thingy.

Next, it was time to get that thing working!  It didn't take her long to figure it out, and once she had she was hesitant in thinking that was the solution.  I confirmed that it was and hooray!  The power was on and the drill bits were rotating.

Onward and upward!  Literally, ha!  The next stage was the basket ride, which she left for our next meeting, this past Saturday.  That was an eventful and progress-filled session, which also included gabbing for hours.  It was close to 2am my time when we finally parted ways to go to bed!  Or at least I went to bed...

Anyway, the week before she had been working hard trying to get the baskets to stop at the point where she could jump in.  It was quite the struggle.  At first, and to my surprise, she hadn't realized before that she could climb inside.  After many, many stops and starts she finally got it into position long enough for her to jump in to ride it to the upper levels of the main mushroom, and she celebrated her victory with many exclamation marks!  I followed after.

Once inside, I watched as she tried everything possible (well, apart from THE thing) to get that blasted elevator to work.  It was driving me crazy each time she passed the foot pedal to unlock it, but finally she got it and we traveled up to the very top level.

The Linking Book to get to the Baron's Office did not have the "share book" option.  When the book is inside the fish tank you can see the option is there, but when you pick up the book that option disappears.  Is this normal?  I'm not sure.

Finally, after all this was complete we went back to the main hut and just about when she was going to call it quits she merrily noticed that there is a still lower level!  However, it was quite late at this point, so she decided to save that till next time.  I'm very excited about this next part!  I'll explain why after she manages to get there.

I hope you enjoy the videos, that is if you are bored enough to watch them.  And if this post needs edits I'll look it over later.  Baladia is sleepy!