I realized the moment I fell into the fissure that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned. It continued falling into that starry expanse, of which I had only a fleeting glimpse. I have tried to speculate where it might have landed, but I must admit that such conjecture is futile. Still, questions about whose hands might one day hold my Myst book are unsettling to me. I know my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written. -- Atrus

Friday, July 12, 2013


Since local_character is being lazy about his gameplay of MOUL and because I am being lazy when it comes to my studies (perhaps I just need some green tea), I have decided to say a few words about where my enjoyment of Myst finally turned into an obsession.

I was bored one day when I was 13 and I was on break from school.  I asked my older sister if she had any interesting book for me to read.  She had one on her shelf that she said she hadn't read entirely (or at all? can't quite remember those details).  It was Myst: the Book of Ti'ana.  I found it interesting that there would be a novel about the games so I took her up on her offer to read it.  She said the first book was out of sequence, so she lent the book to me in order to read them chronologically.  I appreciate this very much because I like order in things, especially books, so that I don't have to jump around all over the place.  Mine is a simple mind.

It was interesting enough, the beginning with Aitrus and his interest in rocks and volcanic activity, but it wasn't until the name Veovis appeared that I became thoroughly invested in the book.  As any teenager would, I began imagining how hot he was and exactly what he looked like with his fabulous black hair and pale eyes, and his esteemed social status, his charm, and his superior knowledge of the Science/Art of Writing.  I took to him immediately.

When the Myst movie was being planned (I understand that it fell through, which I sensed from the beginning it would) I was very protective of Veovis's representation.  It seemed as though he would be portrayed as having a hint of villain inherent in his character from the off.  Viewers would be cautious to trust him, which would completely ruin the whole story, in my opinion.  I know that Aitrus remembers him as being a bully, but it is Veovis who comes across Aitrus's work when both are 25 years old, recalls how he used to treat him, and then sends him a gift of apology and a wish that they could meet.  Such-and-such happens and they are great friends.  The events that follow throughout the book are heart-rending and I about lost it when Veovis tells Aitrus [SPOILER] "You should have let me fall."

Then I read the other two books at he speed of light and I believe that at this point I can truly say I was obsessed.

Shortly after this, when I was allowed on the internet, I joined a fan forum where I learned about Myst III: Exile coming out, and about the details of original Myst which I hadn't played yet because I didn't own the game.  I can't remember how I obtained Myst III: Exile because my parents didn't give us an allowance.  Maybe it was a birthday present, or maybe I received the game late in 2002?  I can't recall.  I remember only playing it for the first time, getting startled by Saavedro, and it extreme awe over the beauty of it.  From that game I learned more about Sirrus and Achenar, but I still hadn't been exposed to Myst.  It was when Uru: Ages Beyond Myst came out that I finally played Myst and I found it to be really easy because I was quite familiar with how the game worked.

When I installed Uru it didn't work!!  I was dismayed and wretched until another sister's then-boyfriend diagnosed the problem as our video card was shite.  My mother was so generous that she bought a brand new shiny expensive video card only so that I could play Uru.  The game was so cool and I was super excited about the online feature.  When I completed the game I wanted to do the online portion.  However, we had only a dial-up connection.  It was 2003, cut us a break!  But oh. My. God.  It was like watching paint dry.  Finally!!!  I was able to access the game, but only 5 minutes into the game my mother, who was quite impatient about me using up the dial connection and was unable to use the phone (I don't blame her), told me to stop with the game for a while.  I never was able to get back on and then I got the awful news that Uru Live was shut down.  Misery and despair ensued, but I still had the other games, the books, and the forums, which were loads of fun.

Baladria, which is the name of a character I invented in 2000 and who was then my favorite creation, became my Myst handle, and forever will be me.  By the way, the character was male.  Hahaha!!

I am working on reviving that story with Baladria in an episodic form on another blog, but it is still in early developmental stage.

Then there was Myst IV which both was both cool and really annoying.  The animals that pop out at you in Haven nearly gave me a heart attack (camoudile and zeftyr), much like that little girl in Riven.  But those monkeys--what are they called officially?  Mangree--drove me insane.  I think most people had that reaction.

Creepy Riven Girl
By the way, Googling Riven girl brings up a lot of weird images.  

As for Myst V, it was very, very sad.  I liked the Ages and I thought Esher was really cool.  He was the first full-blooded D'ni-person we were ever allowed to see.  Up until Esher, Gehn was the closest we had gotten, but he was only half-D'ni, though he seemed to look more like the D'ni people would have, according the descriptions in the books, rather than Earthling.  I wasn't too into Yeesha, however.  Her character has always seemed under-developed to me and I really didn't understand her involvement.  She also seems so arrogant, exactly how she perceives the D'ni to have been.  It was sad because it was the end.  The title said it all.  The series was finished, but at least, at the end of all things we saw Atrus one last time and [SPOILER] we got to see a tiny glimpse of Releeshahn.


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